Is your website ready for peak season shopping?

It is October, the year is at its end, and it is 3 months till Christmas! In a business’ perspective, the year is not over, in fact, it is the busiest time of the year. People are already over-loading their ‘shopping baskets’ with Christmas gifts and hunting for great specials. E-commerce shopping also made it easier for consumers to purchase online, with just a click of a button you bought all your Christmas presents without leaving the comfort of your couch.

The big question remains, how capable is your website when dealing with this increase in online shopping? Retailers must ensure that their online presence is reliable, scalable, and secure during this crucial period. That means being able to cope with naturally fluctuating demand, artificial traffic spikes, and seasonal distortions. If anything prevents access to the website, slows down the loading of a page or the processing of a payment, frustrated customers will abandon their shopping baskets and go elsewhere.

Malfunctioning of sites make for retail horror stories but it can be prevented. Ensure that the words, pictures, videos, and other components of the page gets to the user in the right order and quickly deliver immediate benefits. If the content arrives at the endpoint in a disjointed order, it delays the user’s ability to begin their browsing experience. Optimise the target device platform, such as mobile devices, tablets, and desktops. If not executed correctly, that too will impact the customer experience, usability, and sales conversion rates. Lastly, protect your website from massive bad traffic. Content delivery platforms can act as a ‘man in the middle’ and orchestrate the rejection of rogue and malicious traffic intended to take down a site while letting legitimate users through to enjoy their online shopping experience.

Your site must look the same on all devices, work the same and work quickly enough to keep customers engaged. Don’t let the stress of the peak shopping season get you under, contact Catch the Beat for expert website design and development services!

Incorporate Live Videos into your business strategy!

Today’s consumers are searching for unique experiences and engaging with brands on a more personal level. Video has become a key part of the marketing ecosystem, according to market researchers, mobile video is the fastest growing ad format globally. However, pre-recorded videos don’t deliver when it comes to customer engagement. Therefore, businesses should consider incorporating Live Videos into their marketing strategy!

Live Videos are regarded as one of the most engaging mediums for communication. Pre-recorded videos have compelling images and text, but it doesn’t facilitate the type of engagement generated by live streams. Live videos have become a significant marketing tool that can help strengthen the relationship between a brand and its followers. Social media is making it easier to take advantage of the live video trend, including Facebook’s release of live features to all users that enables any brand to use the technology.

When engaging with followers on social media, businesses should remember to offer viewers the ability to affect the content of a live stream, and creating a sense of being part of the event, using features such as polling and Q&As. Live Streaming can be more authentic than TV and Print advertisement because it is more relaxed and unedited. For example, the most watched Facebook live video was ‘Chewbacca Mom’, reaching a whopping 170 million views live and on replay.

How does a video showing a woman sitting in her car wearing a Chewbacca mask and laughing, attract such a large audience? Because viewers could share and engage with her joy, it made them feel good. Businesses can attract potential consumers by means of announcements which are so important to the core audience that they need to see it live, or live streaming backstage at a big event, extending the viewer access to a place, person, or experience that they wouldn’t normally have access to.

Evidence shows that live video can be an effective marketing technique capable of generating more meaningful engagement from viewers and stronger brand-audience relationships.


How to create a brand advocate on social media.

In this ever-evolving world, the only constant is change. Companies must think on their feet and come up with new, innovative ideas to reach their customers. It is not enough just to use social media but businesses need to learn how to use these platforms to create satisfied, passionate advocates for their brand. This means improving digital customer experiences!

By now you should know that customers will complain and boycott a brand if they had a bad experience, especially if the company failed to mend fences. According to our marketing researchers, 67% of customers cite a bad experience as the main reason for leaving a brand. This can lead to a considerable loss in followers and being ignored on social media.

A company can start by developing a singular, multichannel strategy, where they can answer and reply customer complaints on different social media channels. Timing is key, be very quick to respond with a proper answer that is accurate. People have different behaviours on different channels, and use different channels for different purposes. Companies must adapt accordingly, knowing exactly how their customers will react on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

There is an increasing demand to integrate chat channels due to the growing number of channels available to communicate with brands. If your brand engages on these channels, you also need to have the capacity to answer on these channels. A recent study found that 98% of brands that broadcast on social media fail to respond to their followers. This poses a big risk since companies can lose potential brand advocates.

If companies can create a positive digital customer experience, they might see an uplift in their average basket value because when customers have a good experience, they will most likely spend more on the company’s brand. Take a walk in your customers’ shoes and think about what content they want to see and how they want to engage with your brand!

Catch the Beat can help your business achieve legendary status on social media platforms! We can help you be seen and create a platform for your customers to engage with you!

What are “Insta pods” and how can it affect your business?

Instagram pods are currently the biggest trend on Instagram and making head waves in the marketing industry. So, what is an ‘Insta pod’, you might ask? Well, it is a group of no more than 30 Instagram influencers that agree to follow each other, and constantly like and follow every new bit of content that a fellow member posts.

Why are Influencers forming pods? In 2016, Instagram updated their algorithmic timeline. The new feed order privileges the popularity of posts or, more specifically, the relationship between the poster and the user and the interest of the post. This made it harder for businesses and Instagram influencers alike to increase following and awareness organically. They then decide to join forces in the form of pods. The coordinated nature of these pods means that the Instagram algorithm, tends to favour pods and each influencer becomes more visible.

What can ‘Insta pods’ mean for your business? Many businesses are using these influencers to test their product or service and deliver authentic results on their findings. With the rise of ‘Insta pods’, business should consider a diligent vetting process when choosing an influencer. One criteria must be that the influencer has authentic followers, and not consist of their fellow influencers. Instagram pods are not an authentic way of garnering engagement for content that should be able to stand on its own.

Businesses should focus on how influencers are impacting meaningful business objectives, like sales, rather than solely how many comments their posts receive. Rather build a strong relationship with an influencer that shares the same interests in your brand and who will become the ultimate voice for your brand and company. This will leave a bigger impact in the long run.

As social media experts, we can help your business grow organically and build strong, lasting relationships with your customers. We can ultimate help you find the best brand ambassadors for your business.

How to create a unique customer experience.

In today’s digital world, data is the ‘oil that fuels the 21st century.’ Data is more valuable than ever and businesses need to acknowledge it for the gold mine it has become! The question is how to use this data to your advantage and create an authentic service experience that will keep customers coming back for more?

Customer experience should surpass ‘good service’ and become holistic and extraordinary for each customer, they should feel that they cannot live without your service! With the broad range of data available, businesses can interpret and integrate it into their services for a complete package offering. Take Under Armour as an example, a company that manufactures active wear apparel that has expanded its brand into a lifestyle management hub. They created a connected fitness app that monitors sleep, fitness, weight, activity, and nutrition. With this data, they can provide a better customer service and react faster to customer needs.

Authenticity will win hearts! With real-time data, a business knows what customers purchased as well as what they abandoned. Business knows what customers want, combined with trends and technology, they can create rich content for all digital platforms. Companies should consider immerging technologies such as AR to draw in prospective customers. AR can bring products to life from the shelves such as seeing a virtual model wearing a garment in your size or linking associated products to your recent purchases.

Improve the customers’ journey! Online shopping has added convenience for customers that have less time to visit the store. However, some may prefer to select their shopping by hand, thus businesses must ensure an effortless journey for each customer. Store assistants are the face and personality of the brand and must ensure service is seamless, even if a customer is just browsing.

Great customer experiences in the marketplace will be rewarded, by both consumers and investors. The key to surviving and thriving in the digital age is improving customers’ lives and creating an authentic and seamless experience across all platforms.

How to market your Business’ Online tools.

Digital tools, like online shopping, digital design tools and virtual videos for homes, have great potential to increase your customer value, improve website traffic, and does wonders for your SEO. For customers to effectively use these digital tools, it should already be tailored for your audience, especially the functionality of the tools.

Factors to consider when designing these tools includes digital literacy of your customers. If they lack the ability and knowledge of the digital world, try to keep it simple. It should reduce your customer’s workload, and not increase the work. The best tools are user-friendly, integrates well into audiences’ lives and always meet their needs and requirements.
After you designed and build this amazing digital tool, people need to be informed about it. Use all available channels, such as websites, social media platforms and online advertising, to get the news out there. Consider asking for testimonials or even bloggers for an honest and personal review of the tool. Email marketing is still a prominent and an effective way to promote your work. Create a series of email marketing campaigns around your online tool and integrate it into your emails. If you directly link it to the email, subscribers will have quick and convenient access to it.

Now, once your customers start using the online tool, it’s performance needs to be tracked. Consider heatmapping your tools to track and view the tools performance. Heatmaps provides valuable information on how people are using these tools. Conclusions are made on the functions used the most or which of these functions are popular under your customers. Over time you will be able to formulate a clear picture of the user behaviour and make adjustment to your tools, accordingly.

If your business created such a digital tool but no one knows about, get in touch with us! We offer expert digital and social media marketing services, perfectly tailored for your needs!

How can social media impact your career?

Do you think your personal post on social media can affect your career? No? Think again! Your employer can fire or suspend you for inappropriate, insensitive, and racist posts shared on social media, even if it has nothing to do with their business.

Bradley Workman Davies explained that the primary reason behind this is that customers associate businesses with its employees. Thus, unsuitable content posted by employees can reflect negatively on the directors, the business, and the company can start losing loyal customers. In recent years, several incidents made headlines when employees were fired or suspended for their social media posts. One of these incidents includes the media personality, Gareth Cliff who has been booted off Idols for inappropriately tweeting on freedom of speech during the Penny Sparrow race debacle. The followers misunderstood his tweet and assumed that he supported Sparrow’s right to label black beachgoers as monkeys.

Employers don’t necessarily take action against an employee because they breached their contract. It can also be based on the broader category where the employee’s conduct could be seen to have the intention, or effect of breaking the trust relationship between the two parties.

Don’t let your career suffer under your social misconduct on social media, and shatter your working relationship with your employer. According to CareerCast you should avoid sharing complaints about your job on Facebook, the whole world can see it, including your boss and colleagues. Similar to complaining about your job, mocking your customers can have an equally bad effect on your relationship with your employer. These complaints will show the company in a bad light, having a negative impact on its brand image. CareerCast further states to never post photos of you using alcohol, your customers or fellow colleagues might get the wrong idea and complain to your boss. Steer clear of inflammatory and racist comments that are meant to offend another person or group. The board of directors may not find your comments amusing and it can cost you your job. Lastly, always use appropriate, faultless language and grammar. It might not seem like a big deal using texting language on social media but your employer might think otherwise.

Stay on your employers’ good side and manage your social media accounts like pros! Contact us for quality online marketing services including social media management, digital marketing strategies and SEO services.

Facebook Retargeting

Have you ever desired to have a greater ROI on your Facebook? Maybe your returns are not matching the numbers you predicted? Have you thought about Facebook re targeting ads?


Facebook re targeting allows you to reach your online visitors with the use of customs ads on Facebook. This article will help you discover recent information and findings found from Facebook re targeting.


We live in a day and age where a huge population of the world is on social media. It is almost evident that any Facebook user has come across Facebook re targeting. However, that doesn’t mean that everyone knows how to make use of it.


Of all the years that you have been active on social media. Have you ever noticed that after visiting a website, suddenly an advert associated with the very same website you visited pops up on your Facebook feed or other social media apps? It can make one wonder as to how much of a “coincidence” this really is I suppose? Well we can boldly say that there is no magic involved in this.


When you visited the website initially, a code was put into your browser history which then allows it to follow your every step around the Web. When you then decide to view a different website or scroll through your Facebook feed, the code then triggers those sites to show the initial sites adverts.


Retargeting is basically the online version of one of the most basic sales and advertising principles of what is known as the follow-up. Your website only has one chance to convert without retargeting. Although these ads have codes that allow for them to pop up whilst scrolling through the net. All motivation or power to revisit the site depends strictly on the visitor.


Retargeting releases your website and allows your website to free itself from that one static location. Allowing your website to roam the Internet freely, where you can follow customers with an intriguing ad.

Streamline Activity

Social media tasking is indeed an important area of business but can consume a huge portion of your time. Time that can be spent on other activities. Have you ever thought about streamlining your activities?




IFTTT (If This Then That) is a service that allows you to automate tasks between applications and social networks. A service that is absolutely free. This article serves the purpose to help you create IFTTT recipes in order to save time on social media marketing.




The first thing that needs to be done is to sign up for a free account or log into your existing account.




In order to create a task, you need to create a new recipe. It allows you to define a trigger for your task as well as to take action once the task is triggered. Let us use an example. Perhaps you want to receive a custom email every time someone mentions your username and asks a question on a social media platform like Twitter. You will need to create a new recipe. To configure the trigger, you need to click on the “this” link.




You will then see a list of channels that you will be able to connect to. These Channels are just the apps that IFTTT allows you to configure tasks between. All you need to do is Scroll through the channels or simply use the search bar to find the specific channel you are     looking for. In our case, it would be Twitter.




Once Twitter has been chosen as the channel, you will need to choose a trigger action. If it is your first time using ITFFF, you will have to connect your Twitter account to give IFTTT permission to operate. Once that is sorted, select a specific trigger for your recipe.




For this example, you will need to choose the New Tweet From Search option. Once the New Tweet From Search option is selected, you will need to complete the trigger fields. This will notify IFTTT on what to look for as a trigger. Regarding our example, the trigger is a search for your username as well as a question mark in a tweet.


 How to make use of keyword optimization

 Have you ever wondered how one can increase their social media interactions? How do you go about attracting more people towards your social media platforms? Are there any secrets as to how this can be achieved? 




Well, some might call it a “secret” if you are one to take it to the extreme. However, it is officially known as Keyword Optimization. It all comes down to knowing how to use keywords in order to create more traffic towards your social media platforms.       




Let us use Facebook as a common example. When it comes to Facebook pages, you might have realized that most of these pages appear in Google search results. 




These Google search results use the Facebook page name, short or brief description, number of likes on your page and the number of people interacting with your page. When it comes to keyword optimization, Facebook pages with keywords used in the name, are usually ranked higher on Google search.    




Let us assume that you are a car dealership owner and you need your Facebook page to receive a higher ranking on Google search. The most common word used in this situation would be the word “cars”. Making use of the before mentioned keyword will allow your Facebook page to be found much easier. 




The use of keywords is a huge advantage but as mentioned earlier, it is not the only statistic used in order to receive a higher Google search ranking. However, it is a statistic that you can control. 




With all that has been mentioned, there are still different methods used for your Facebook page to be seen in a Google search or in a Facebook search. If you want your page to come up on a Google search then the keyword used needs to be found on your pages name. If you want your page to be found on a Facebook search then the keyword used needs to be on your page’s subcategory.      




We hope that this information will help you grow your social media presence to its fullest potential.