The Power of Online Reviews

When consumers decide to make a big purchase, such as a new computer, a winter coat, or an all-inclusive holiday package, they usually start their purchase journey with checking the brand’s digital channels: a website, a Facebook page, or a blog.  They then move on to comparison shopping, to see how the product or service in question stacks up to the competition. Through this entire decision-making process, there’s a consistent factor at play that’s been shown to have a tremendous amount of influence over consumers, online reviews.

Whether it’s customer testimonials on a brand’s website, contributed influencer content on a brand’s blog, product reviews and ratings on comparison shopping sites, or chatter on social channels, today’s consumers care a lot about the experience other people have had with a brand’s products or services before making a big purchase decision. According to our marketing experts, 85% of consumers, aged 16 to 34, said they trusted verified reviews more than any other source of information. Furthermore, 64% of adults would gladly share a positive experience they had with a brand with other consumers while 57% would opt into sharing a negative experience through digital and social channels.

Consumers use the experiences of previous consumers to visualise the kind of experience they may have with a specific product or service. How can businesses utilise this valuable feedback to their advantage? They can start by simply asking their consumers. Employees can lead the incentive by explaining that their review will not only help you improve your own products and services but also help make a positive impact on other consumers who are shopping around. Go a step further by inviting customers to share a unique story about how the product or service positively impacted their life. Businesses should also interact further with customers by responding to their reviews. It’s important to let customers know that their views matter, even if the business disagrees with the views or cannot help solve the problem.

It is evident that online reviews are an integral part of the customer’s buying journey. Customers want to have a deeper connection with the brands they love. Online reviews may lead to a more meaningful relationship with your customers and should be integrated into business marketing efforts.

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Succeed with Social Media!

With Social media use growing by almost 20% each year, companies are increasingly asking for justification regarding social media budgets and what impact Social Media will have on their business. The big question on everybody’s mind is ‘How do you start a successful social media campaign?’
Social media content should add value and spark customer interests, seeing the same old posts is not going to cut it!

Followers are more likely to Unfollow your page. Business should develop a focused and fully integrated content strategy with clear objectives, timely goals, and metrics to measure the impact of their content.
In order to measure your campaign, you have to start with a simple goal. For instance, building an authentic audience, driving traffic to your website, or seeking potential customers. Once you have a goal you can start composing your message, what you want the target audience to know and experience. This can be planned around important dates throughout the year.

It is important to note that you must know what kind of content resonates with the chosen target audience. If you publish high-quality visual content, followers will more likely to organically share it with their followers and the spider-web of connectivity will grow. Rather undergo an in-depth study of your target audience to produce specialised content than publishing broad content that tries to please everyone. People want to be part of a specific community.

Over time you want to know how this social media campaign improved your business and sales. You’ll want to prove all your hard work has paid off! That is why implementing measurement tools are important, such as weekly and monthly reports. For instance, keep track of your follower count, engagement, and likes to measure the success of your campaign. Ultimately, your social media channels are there to give the brand a competitive edge. By simplifying the content process, gaining insight, and using data to determine the next step, you’ll build lasting brand loyalty.

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What SEO will look like in 2018.

Google is constantly fine-tuning its technology and algorithm to improve its ability to seek out and display the right information to satisfy its users. The company usually deliver quite a few big changes throughout each year and it is important that all businesses keep track of these changes.

So, what will SEO look like in 2018? Firstly, the web’s focus is on mobile. Users are now turning to their mobile devices to search the web for business information, ratings, and reviews. There is a good chance that new, mobile-first designs will be a centrepiece of 2018 in web design and SEO. Since more customers are making online purchases via their phones, websites which are designed simply, elegantly, and can run fast even on less powerful devices, will all be greatly rewarded for its efforts.

Businesses should also be paying close attention to cyber protection and security. Invest in security systems and measures to protect websites and its data, including the personal information that users entrust businesses with.  Google is also very determined on making security one of the most important aspects of SEO. Any kind of breach in security will be punished with a steep decline in traffic, a hit in reputation, and loss of revenue.

Lastly, Google likes emerging technologies and rewards those who embrace them. With devices such as Amazon’s Alexa and Google’s own Home being available in living rooms worldwide, voice search and digital assistants are bigger than ever. Optimizing your own SEO for these programs is certainly complicated but also worth it. For instance, optimizing content for long-tail keywords is fantastic as most people do not search with keywords even when they type and far less when they speak to a digital assistant.

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How to create a business case for your SEO investment.

You know you need to invest in your business’ SEO, but you are still unsure how to quantify your investment and more importantly forecast growth. Moreover, Google has made significant changes over the years, making it harder to develop a clear picture of your market size and performance.

So, what do you have to try and solve the problem of forecasting and ROI? Firstly, businesses can still receive ranking data through Googles API, meaning that they know with some accuracy where they are appearing on Google for specific search terms. In Google Search Console, businesses can also see partial traffic statistics for these keywords, along with impressions and more importantly click-through rates.

Preparing a forecast for SEO: The first step in preparing a forecast is gathering meaningful keyword data. The data needs to be substantial enough to provide a decent snapshot of the marketplace, covering the main keywords as they relate to the products and services. The number of keywords will purely depend on the size of the selected industry, 500 keywords may be acceptable for a niche retail business, but the financial sector may use up to 10,000 keywords to map out an accurate forecast.

Secondly, businesses need to know their visibility for the keyword set they’ve selected. Once the data is collected, it will be evaluated and divided into keywords, search volumes and their relevant ranking position on Google.  Now, a Click Through Rate (CTR) model is applied to understand how much potential traffic the business is receiving.

Lastly, the forecasting growth is calculated. The business needs to make some estimates on growth based on competition and investment. According to our marketing researchers, if a market is extremely competitive, 3-5% traffic share growth is typical, if it’s less competitive or the business is investing significantly, then 10-15% is feasible. The business needs to decide on the traffic share they want to achieve, and track growth over a 12-month period.

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Is your website ready for peak season shopping?

It is October, the year is at its end, and it is 3 months till Christmas! In a business’ perspective, the year is not over, in fact, it is the busiest time of the year. People are already over-loading their ‘shopping baskets’ with Christmas gifts and hunting for great specials. E-commerce shopping also made it easier for consumers to purchase online, with just a click of a button you bought all your Christmas presents without leaving the comfort of your couch.

The big question remains, how capable is your website when dealing with this increase in online shopping? Retailers must ensure that their online presence is reliable, scalable, and secure during this crucial period. That means being able to cope with naturally fluctuating demand, artificial traffic spikes, and seasonal distortions. If anything prevents access to the website, slows down the loading of a page or the processing of a payment, frustrated customers will abandon their shopping baskets and go elsewhere.

Malfunctioning of sites make for retail horror stories but it can be prevented. Ensure that the words, pictures, videos, and other components of the page gets to the user in the right order and quickly deliver immediate benefits. If the content arrives at the endpoint in a disjointed order, it delays the user’s ability to begin their browsing experience. Optimise the target device platform, such as mobile devices, tablets, and desktops. If not executed correctly, that too will impact the customer experience, usability, and sales conversion rates. Lastly, protect your website from massive bad traffic. Content delivery platforms can act as a ‘man in the middle’ and orchestrate the rejection of rogue and malicious traffic intended to take down a site while letting legitimate users through to enjoy their online shopping experience.

Your site must look the same on all devices, work the same and work quickly enough to keep customers engaged. Don’t let the stress of the peak shopping season get you under, contact Catch the Beat for expert website design and development services!

Incorporate Live Videos into your business strategy!

Today’s consumers are searching for unique experiences and engaging with brands on a more personal level. Video has become a key part of the marketing ecosystem, according to market researchers, mobile video is the fastest growing ad format globally. However, pre-recorded videos don’t deliver when it comes to customer engagement. Therefore, businesses should consider incorporating Live Videos into their marketing strategy!

Live Videos are regarded as one of the most engaging mediums for communication. Pre-recorded videos have compelling images and text, but it doesn’t facilitate the type of engagement generated by live streams. Live videos have become a significant marketing tool that can help strengthen the relationship between a brand and its followers. Social media is making it easier to take advantage of the live video trend, including Facebook’s release of live features to all users that enables any brand to use the technology.

When engaging with followers on social media, businesses should remember to offer viewers the ability to affect the content of a live stream, and creating a sense of being part of the event, using features such as polling and Q&As. Live Streaming can be more authentic than TV and Print advertisement because it is more relaxed and unedited. For example, the most watched Facebook live video was ‘Chewbacca Mom’, reaching a whopping 170 million views live and on replay.

How does a video showing a woman sitting in her car wearing a Chewbacca mask and laughing, attract such a large audience? Because viewers could share and engage with her joy, it made them feel good. Businesses can attract potential consumers by means of announcements which are so important to the core audience that they need to see it live, or live streaming backstage at a big event, extending the viewer access to a place, person, or experience that they wouldn’t normally have access to.

Evidence shows that live video can be an effective marketing technique capable of generating more meaningful engagement from viewers and stronger brand-audience relationships.


How to create a brand advocate on social media.

In this ever-evolving world, the only constant is change. Companies must think on their feet and come up with new, innovative ideas to reach their customers. It is not enough just to use social media but businesses need to learn how to use these platforms to create satisfied, passionate advocates for their brand. This means improving digital customer experiences!

By now you should know that customers will complain and boycott a brand if they had a bad experience, especially if the company failed to mend fences. According to our marketing researchers, 67% of customers cite a bad experience as the main reason for leaving a brand. This can lead to a considerable loss in followers and being ignored on social media.

A company can start by developing a singular, multichannel strategy, where they can answer and reply customer complaints on different social media channels. Timing is key, be very quick to respond with a proper answer that is accurate. People have different behaviours on different channels, and use different channels for different purposes. Companies must adapt accordingly, knowing exactly how their customers will react on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

There is an increasing demand to integrate chat channels due to the growing number of channels available to communicate with brands. If your brand engages on these channels, you also need to have the capacity to answer on these channels. A recent study found that 98% of brands that broadcast on social media fail to respond to their followers. This poses a big risk since companies can lose potential brand advocates.

If companies can create a positive digital customer experience, they might see an uplift in their average basket value because when customers have a good experience, they will most likely spend more on the company’s brand. Take a walk in your customers’ shoes and think about what content they want to see and how they want to engage with your brand!

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What are “Insta pods” and how can it affect your business?

Instagram pods are currently the biggest trend on Instagram and making head waves in the marketing industry. So, what is an ‘Insta pod’, you might ask? Well, it is a group of no more than 30 Instagram influencers that agree to follow each other, and constantly like and follow every new bit of content that a fellow member posts.

Why are Influencers forming pods? In 2016, Instagram updated their algorithmic timeline. The new feed order privileges the popularity of posts or, more specifically, the relationship between the poster and the user and the interest of the post. This made it harder for businesses and Instagram influencers alike to increase following and awareness organically. They then decide to join forces in the form of pods. The coordinated nature of these pods means that the Instagram algorithm, tends to favour pods and each influencer becomes more visible.

What can ‘Insta pods’ mean for your business? Many businesses are using these influencers to test their product or service and deliver authentic results on their findings. With the rise of ‘Insta pods’, business should consider a diligent vetting process when choosing an influencer. One criteria must be that the influencer has authentic followers, and not consist of their fellow influencers. Instagram pods are not an authentic way of garnering engagement for content that should be able to stand on its own.

Businesses should focus on how influencers are impacting meaningful business objectives, like sales, rather than solely how many comments their posts receive. Rather build a strong relationship with an influencer that shares the same interests in your brand and who will become the ultimate voice for your brand and company. This will leave a bigger impact in the long run.

As social media experts, we can help your business grow organically and build strong, lasting relationships with your customers. We can ultimate help you find the best brand ambassadors for your business.

How to create a unique customer experience.

In today’s digital world, data is the ‘oil that fuels the 21st century.’ Data is more valuable than ever and businesses need to acknowledge it for the gold mine it has become! The question is how to use this data to your advantage and create an authentic service experience that will keep customers coming back for more?

Customer experience should surpass ‘good service’ and become holistic and extraordinary for each customer, they should feel that they cannot live without your service! With the broad range of data available, businesses can interpret and integrate it into their services for a complete package offering. Take Under Armour as an example, a company that manufactures active wear apparel that has expanded its brand into a lifestyle management hub. They created a connected fitness app that monitors sleep, fitness, weight, activity, and nutrition. With this data, they can provide a better customer service and react faster to customer needs.

Authenticity will win hearts! With real-time data, a business knows what customers purchased as well as what they abandoned. Business knows what customers want, combined with trends and technology, they can create rich content for all digital platforms. Companies should consider immerging technologies such as AR to draw in prospective customers. AR can bring products to life from the shelves such as seeing a virtual model wearing a garment in your size or linking associated products to your recent purchases.

Improve the customers’ journey! Online shopping has added convenience for customers that have less time to visit the store. However, some may prefer to select their shopping by hand, thus businesses must ensure an effortless journey for each customer. Store assistants are the face and personality of the brand and must ensure service is seamless, even if a customer is just browsing.

Great customer experiences in the marketplace will be rewarded, by both consumers and investors. The key to surviving and thriving in the digital age is improving customers’ lives and creating an authentic and seamless experience across all platforms.

How to market your Business’ Online tools.

Digital tools, like online shopping, digital design tools and virtual videos for homes, have great potential to increase your customer value, improve website traffic, and does wonders for your SEO. For customers to effectively use these digital tools, it should already be tailored for your audience, especially the functionality of the tools.

Factors to consider when designing these tools includes digital literacy of your customers. If they lack the ability and knowledge of the digital world, try to keep it simple. It should reduce your customer’s workload, and not increase the work. The best tools are user-friendly, integrates well into audiences’ lives and always meet their needs and requirements.
After you designed and build this amazing digital tool, people need to be informed about it. Use all available channels, such as websites, social media platforms and online advertising, to get the news out there. Consider asking for testimonials or even bloggers for an honest and personal review of the tool. Email marketing is still a prominent and an effective way to promote your work. Create a series of email marketing campaigns around your online tool and integrate it into your emails. If you directly link it to the email, subscribers will have quick and convenient access to it.

Now, once your customers start using the online tool, it’s performance needs to be tracked. Consider heatmapping your tools to track and view the tools performance. Heatmaps provides valuable information on how people are using these tools. Conclusions are made on the functions used the most or which of these functions are popular under your customers. Over time you will be able to formulate a clear picture of the user behaviour and make adjustment to your tools, accordingly.

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