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The marketing tool that was invented in 1971 still has the best conversion rate

What is email marketing? You ask – email marketing is both an art and a science. You have to clearly understand who your target audience is, and what value you provide them. At the same time, you have to be able to communicate that effectively in the subject of the email and then the body. […]

How can LinkedIn assist you to turn your connections into customers

Today, people share status updates, articles, and interact with each other within a business or professional context. And because LinkedIn has transformed as it used to just be for job seekers only. Your LinkedIn prospecting communications should always allude to the exclusivity and limited availability of whatever it is you are trying to offer. Nothing […]

9 Secrets About Prospecting on LinkedIn You Should Know About

Prospecting on LinkedIn is not new. LinkedIn was founded back in 2002 and since then, it has grown into a powerful platform that businesses everywhere leverage to their advantage. But how exactly do entrepreneurs use LinkedIn to attract new clients? Are there any LinkedIn secrets business owners should know about? Millions of users around the […]

7 Ways Client Boom Can Help Grow Your Business

Looking for new and innovative ways to book more clients? Try Client Boom and learn all about prospecting on LinkedIn! Although it looks like your typical social network website, LinkedIn can help grow your business. The platform is a very powerful tool for companies of all sized and people all over the world use it […]