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Why is Email Marketing still effective today?

If you have been punting your digital marketing efforts, there is no doubt that Email Marketing is at the top of your list to achieve your businesses marketing goals. Since 1971, emails have been the number one tool to directly educate a target audience on your products and services, as well as increase website traffic […]

Why does SEO take so long?

The most frequently asked digital marketing question – “How long does SEO take?”. To answer this simple question, requires a not so simple explanation, as SEO is constantly changing due to the rise of technology and how people use them. OLD VS. NEW SEO Firstly, if you are still identifying a set of 5-10 relevant, […]

Maximising ROI without compromising Customer Experience

We all know a fully integrated strategy across all departments within a company can be very complex. Each department operates with structured Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that may include boosting profitability or customer feedback ratings. The trick is to ensure that all these departments operate in concert with each other so that different objectives can […]

The Power of Online Reviews

When consumers decide to make a big purchase, such as a new computer, a winter coat, or an all-inclusive holiday package, they usually start their purchase journey with checking the brand’s digital channels: a website, a Facebook page, or a blog.  They then move on to comparison shopping, to see how the product or service […]