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What SEO will look like in 2018.

Google is constantly fine-tuning its technology and algorithm to improve its ability to seek out and display the right information to satisfy its users. The company usually deliver quite a few big changes throughout each year and it is important that all businesses keep track of these changes. So, what will SEO look like in […]

How to create a business case for your SEO investment.

You know you need to invest in your business’ SEO, but you are still unsure how to quantify your investment and more importantly forecast growth. Moreover, Google has made significant changes over the years, making it harder to develop a clear picture of your market size and performance. So, what do you have to try […]

Incorporate Live Videos into your business strategy!

Today’s consumers are searching for unique experiences and engaging with brands on a more personal level. Video has become a key part of the marketing ecosystem, according to market researchers, mobile video is the fastest growing ad format globally. However, pre-recorded videos don’t deliver when it comes to customer engagement. Therefore, businesses should consider incorporating […]

How to make use of keyword optimization

Have you ever wondered how one can increase their social media interactions? How do you go about attracting more people towards your social media platforms? Are there any secrets as to how this can be achieved? Well, some might call it a “secret” if you are one to take it to the extreme. However, it […]