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Using Content Marketing to Convert

Using Content Marketing to Convert Content Marketing is a popular digital marketing strategy used across all businesses to effectively reach their target audience, by giving them helpful content. But from there, how does one get their content to their audience? Well social media of course, not just any platform but the largest platform to date […]

The marketing tool that was invented in 1971 still has the best conversion rate

What is email marketing? You ask – email marketing is both an art and a science. You have to clearly understand who your target audience is, and what value you provide them. At the same time, you have to be able to communicate that effectively in the subject of the email and then the body. […]

How can LinkedIn assist you to turn your connections into customers

Today, people share status updates, articles, and interact with each other within a business or professional context. And because LinkedIn has transformed as it used to just be for job seekers only. Your LinkedIn prospecting communications should always allude to the exclusivity and limited availability of whatever it is you are trying to offer. Nothing […]

What Good Personalisation Look Like To The Consumer

‘Personalisation’ started out as the in-store sales assistant who could instantly infer basic information about their customers, as well as. learn about their preferences and offer them advice throughout the browsing and buying journey. With the dawn of the digital age, retailers sought ways to replicate this one-to-one approach, whilst catering for far larger numbers […]